Merz Aesthetics, a division of Merz North America announces the U.S. launch of Mederma® Quick Dry Oil, a unique, fast-absorbing multipurpose oil formulated without artificial dyes, colors, perfumes, parabens or mineral oils that works to help diminish the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dry skin, and Mederma® Spezial, a unique collection of cream mousses and dietary supplements formulated to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Mederma® Quick Dry Oil: A Synergistic Blend of Oils and Botanicals

Free of parabens, mineral oil, fragrances and dyes, Mederma® Quick Dry Oil contains a complex blend of oils, botanicals and patented Cepalin®. This specialized oil includes the following distinctive ingredients and benefits:

  • Proprietary botanical extract Cepalin® that helps to improve the overall appearance, texture, and color of scars and stretch
  • Other key botanicals include sweet almond, rose hip, sunflower and coconut oils. These lightweight oils allow for fast absorption yet are rich in Vitamins A, E and Omega 3. Sunflower oil helps to maintain skin’s natural moisture level. Rose hip oil, rich in Vitamin C, is a natural skin brightener that helps to improve skin tone. Sweet almond oil helps to nourish and moisturize. Coconut oil helps to seal in moisture while creating luxuriously soft,  hydrated
  • The synergistic blend of chamomile and ginger extract helps to reduce redness and

“The Mederma® brand is advancing with a focus on delivering effective, multi- purpose products to the marketplace,” commented Jim Hartman, Vice President and

U.S. Head of Merz Aesthetics Marketing and OTC. “Mederma® Quick Dry Oil is specifically formulated to not only nourish and hydrate, but also improve skin imperfections to reveal healthy skin.”

Mederma® Spezial: Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

The Mederma® Spezial line supplies skin, hair and nails with nutrients to stay healthy and  strong.  The  product  line  includes  three  targeted   dietary   capsules,  Mederma® Spezial   Skin   Capsules,    Mederma® Spezial    Healthy    Nails, Mederma® Spezial Hair Capsules as  well  as  two  topical  cream  mousses,  Mederma® Spezial Cream Mousse Hyaluron and Mederma® Spezial Cream Mousse Collagen. This unique product range has been available and sold in Europe since  1964.

“As an aesthetics company, we understand that beauty starts from the inside out. With Mederma® Spezial, consumers now have the opportunity to impact the health not only of their skin, but of their hair and nails,” stated Jim Hartman, Vice President and U.S. Head of Merz Aesthetics Marketing and OTC.

Mederma® Quick Dry Oil is currently available for purchase online at and at Walmart, Walgreens and Rite Aid stores. It will be available in CVS stores in Spring 2017. The suggested retail pricing is $13.49 (100mL), $19.99 (150mL) and $27.99 (200mL).

Mederma® Spezial is currently available for purchase online at The suggested retail pricing ranges from $12.95 to $20.99.

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